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United Arab Emirates
The Abu Dhabi Mixed Use Building is a low-rise residential/commercial/office building that achieves its unique configuration utilizing a concept of “dynamic interaction” of familiar building forms. The concept of greenery and moving water embody the notion of “purity” both religiously and culturally throughout Islam.

The introduction of an interior courtyard or atrium takes its cue from the walled villa concept so prevalent in the Middle East. The atrium itself provides a transition space from outdoors to indoors. It functions as an exciting entry to commercial spaces with pedestrian bridges used to facilitate circulation as well as add excitement to the interior space. Waterfalls and lush plantings give this space a unique quality rarely found in buildings of this size. Dwelling units on the upper levels permit most units to enjoy their own garden situated between the cascading waterfall and an exterior balcony near their respective living and dining areas.
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