© 2013 Loebl Schlossmann and Hackl

Sen-Dai, Japan
230,000 SF (21,400 m2
As a major interactive civic and cultural institution devoted to art and media, the Sen-Dai Mediatech Center is envisioned as a 21st Century interpretation of a Japanese Zen Garden, a traditional space for personal reflection and intellectual enlightenment. The quartz sand garden reflects both the universe and the mind, and is the medium that links them together. The Center represents this ancient search for enlightenment through the contemplation of art and information. Building spaces, library stacks, and exhibition halls are treated as self-contained objects, clad in various metals and arrayed within a void space whose edges are defined by a crystalline framework of glass. An egg-shaped theater “floats” above the entry lobby and is linked to the exhibition space.

By day, the dynamics of light, transparency, opacity, seasonal and atmospheric effects, and the reflection of the main boulevard’s elm trees change constantly. By night, these give way to a glowing dematerialization of the exterior skin, revealing its internal energy while flickering, computerized media/art images are projected onto its forms.
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