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Chicago, Illinois
482,000 sf
City Place, a 40-story, mixed-use complex comprised of hotel, office, and retail facilities, totals 482,000 SF. The hotel features 21 floors of luxury suites, an executive health club, swimming pool, and five conference rooms. Thirteen floors of high-visibility office space extend from the 28th floor through the 40th floor, and 32,500 SF of retail space open onto busy Michigan Avenue.

Designers faced a dual challenge: how to gracefully fit a large-scale building and its massing on a narrow, public site and how to address the diverse requirements of the hotel and office functions within the building. The resulting tripartite design of base, shaft, and top distinguishes the building functions. The four-story base defines the retail portion. The shaft, with its granite verticals and spandrels, expresses the mixed-use nature by employing a variety of patterns and fenestrations. Punched windows identify the hotel function, while ribbon windows grace the office segment. A unique penthouse, with curved setbacks and a three-dimensional space frame, provides a striking visual termination to the structure.
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