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Chicago, Illinois
635,000 sf
This high-rise office and hotel development reinforces its prominent location by becoming the dominant focal point of the street, immediately east of North Michigan Avenue. The design successfully incorporates a large-scale office building into the neighborhood, creating a dramatic architectural statement consistent with the area’s context. The Hyatt Hotel occupies the first 17 floors and consists of 417 rooms.

Clad in a unique green granite and blue-green reflective glass, the 28-story 375 foot tall tower appears as an emerald jewel amidst the neighborhood. The building’s height is accentuated by strong vertical lines that culminate in four turrets and a central space frame which houses the cooling towers.

Both distinctive and contextual, the building relates to the scale and character of the surrounding area. Totaling 635,000 SF, the structure evolved directly from a flexible and efficient floor plan. Octagonally-faceted corners add exterior interest and provide eight corner offices per floor. Topping the tallest building in the area, upper floor executive suites present panoramic cityscape vistas.
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