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Shenzhen, China
2.3 million sf (214,000 m2)
Our firm, working with the Shenzhen University Institute of Architectural Design, won an international design competition for one of south China’s tallest office towers. The 2.3 million SF (214,000 m2) mixed-use development includes office, residential, retail, and parking areas.
Analysis of massing and existing building relationships dictated the location that affords the best views to and from the building. Strategic site selection for the 68-story office tower was critical to image and identity. Rising 982 feet from grade, the structure was designed to accommodate floor plates of 17,000 to 18,000 SF (1,580 to 1,670 m2), as well as a revolving restaurant on the top level. The number eight, a Chinese good luck symbol, is represented in the number of stories, the octagonal shape of the building, and the eight-story retail base. This low-rise block has five retail levels, two exhibition/conference levels, and a top floor containing restaurants and a health club with swimming pools and tennis courts. The retail block unites the office and residential towers. The complex has a reinforced concrete structural frame clad with metal, emerald green glass and granite, symbolizing health and longevity.
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