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Santiago, Chile
200,000 sf
The prominent Galmez family celebrated the 100-year anniversary of its arrival in Chile by commissioning an international design competition for an office tower to house their corporate headquarters. The building’s statement commemorates the family’s success as retailers and their contribution to the cultural vitality of Santiago. Named “Torre Paris,” this mid-rise structure is praised as a ‘work of art’ by the local press and sets a new direction in architectural design for the city.

Winner of the international design competition, Loebl Schlossman & Hackl and local architect, Jaime Bendersky Arquitectos created a 22-story tower encompassing offices, commercial space and five levels of below-grade parking for 200 cars.

This inspiring landmark is achieved while responding to significant functional challenges: maximizing the usable area of a small triangular site with a restrictive setback envelope; providing office floors with column-free spaces and spectacular views; and incorporating high-tech energy efficient materials.

The 200,000 SF (18,600 m2) structure incorporates metal, high-performance glass and granite in a series of “layered planes” and articulated volumes that respond to programmatic requirements while defining elevations and massing in relation to the site and surrounding buildings.

Like the sharp prow of a crystal ship, the corner of the tower cuts the site at the crossroads of two streets. The glass façade with its metal overhangs, illuminated from below, reinforces the impression of a floating icon with a spectacular nocturnal presence.
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