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Shenzhen, China
930,000 sf (86,400 m2)
This 47-story mixed-use complex totals 930,000 SF (86,400 m2). The building’s eight-story base encompasses retail space, hotel functions, a conference center, an entertainment center, a health club, and parking. The tower features a five-star hotel, offices/apartments, and office space, culminating in the dramatic Sky Pavilion, which accommodates dining, nightclub, and observatory functions.

The tower’s dynamic layered massing and forms are clad in tinted, patterned frit glass and stainless steel. The hotel is differentiated from the office functions by its volumetric articulation and interplay of glass colors. The sculpted form enhances the building’s verticality and creates a distinctive signature on Shenzhen’s skyline. Clad entirely in glass and supported by monumental steel trusses, the Sky Pavilion provides a soaring interior space with panoramic views, accessed by an elevator platform that circumscribes the building’s antenna mast. By day, its surfaces are ethereal and translucent, visually merging tower and sky; by night, it becomes a luminous beacon of commerce and individual identity.

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