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Abu Dhabi, United Arab Emirates
152,246.5 m2
Loebl Schlossman & Hackl recently completed a conceptual scheme for Al Qudra Health Care Medical Center Campus in Abu Dhabi. The competition asked for the concept and design of a new medical campus to represent the prestige, growth and advancement in the UAE. The complex includes a Children’s Hospital, General Hospital, Medical Clinic and hotel/apartment tower.

The design of the Children’s Hospital responds to the stated need within the UAE to create a center of excellence to support research, discovery, treatment, and rehabilitation for Children. The design is intended to provide for light to flow throughout the facility, and all associated structures on the campus. The design stresses the importance of the process of healing and will anticipate the ever-continuing developments in pharmacology and technology that bring hope to previously difficult aspects of treating disease. The concept uses the latest in building technology that echos an expectation for patient care that is consistent with the newest advances in healthcare technology.

The design for the residential and hotel component of the campus provides the best of amenities and aesthetics to make the hotel guest and apartment resident feel that they are “at home”. The design incorporates the residential units and the hotel units into one structure, but provides separate entrances and appropriate amenities needed to allow for privacy.

The design ties the elements of beauty, technology, sensitivity, and sustainability together to create a campus that will have an immediate impact on patient care, and will set the proper foundation to respond to advancements in research, diagnostics, and treatment of future generations.
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