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Shenyang, China
3.3 million SF (310,000 m2)

The design of the new First Affiliated Hospital of China Medical University Hospital in the Hunan District of Shenyang, reaches out to patients to serve as The Health Center Destination for the highest level of clinical care and disease prevention. We refer to this new concept as a "City of Health." The 3.3 million square foot (310,000 m2) facility serves as a point of destination for all forms of transportation while devoting 60% of the site to landscaped "green" paved and open areas. A flexible design allows for the hospital to provide treatment to many visitors with standardized patient rooms that are interchangeable for various patient care specialties.

Separate entrances for inpatient, out patient, emergency, and the public quickly directs patients and visitors alike to appropriate local areas to serve their respective needs.

Principles of evidence based design and feng shui have been extensively incorporated into the design. All patient rooms for example receive sunlight at some point each day. Patient rooms and many clinical areas enjoy views of gardens and the surrounding park like landscape.

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