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Rick Talaske Has an Ear for Perfection
Chicago Tribune, by Steve Johnson

Standing on the stage at Wentz Concert Hall in downtown Naperville, Brian Lynch sings the praises of a room whose visual warmth is matched by what visiting musicians regularly praise as its vivid aural "presence."

 "I will tell anybody that it's beautiful, and it sounds better than it looks," says Lynch, fine arts director at North Central College, which built the 3-year-old room. "Elizabeth Futral (the soprano) said the notes just float away. Herb Alpert (the trumpeter and bandleader) said he wanted to take it home with him. 

"The hall helps you sing," adds Lynch, himself a trained vocalist. "It's a combination of being able to hear yourself, and you don't have to push. I can sing very softly, and I can belt it out, too, so that the walls will shake."

"But not too much," says Rick Talaske, wryly, standing alongside him. 

Talaske has an equally profound proprietary interest in Wentz Hall. His firm designed the acoustics, working with the architects from the inception, and it was at Wentz, rather than the site of his best-known sound design, Pritzker Pavilion at Millennium Park in downtownChicago, that Talaske wanted to have his photo taken for this story.

"The hall embodies a lot of our design philosophies," Talaske says. "The room is designed to provide what we call 'running liveliness,' which is the ability to hear the reverberance as the music is ongoing. That is sort of a distinguishing feature of our firm." Full Article