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Governor Announces New Advanced Science Building at UIC
University of Illinois

Gov. Pat Quinn announced today that the State of Illinois has released $64 million for the new Advanced Chemical Technology Building at the University of Illinois at Chicago, a project that will strengthen biotechnology research in Illinois and bolster the state's economy.

The Advanced Chemical Technology Building (ACTB) will house select UIC faculty from chemistry, biology and physics and support cutting-edge interdisciplinary research focused on connections between chemistry, physics and biology such as tumor growth, HIV/AIDS, immunology, dental services, orthopedics and environmental science. The building is designed to increase collaboration between scientists, and encourage greater sharing of technology and development of novel, highly fundable research that would provide a considerable edge over isolated work groups. The facility will contain state-of-the-art laboratories for chemical scientists and other researchers who will benefit from contiguous space.

"The best investment a state can make is in education," Quinn said. "Today's announcement means more jobs, more innovation, and a stronger University of Illinois at Chicago that will support our students as they prepare to enter the 21st-century workforce."

"This state-of-the-art facility will bring together top researchers who will pool their expertise to develop pioneering solutions to society's most critical problems," said University of Illinois President Robert Easter. "By working together, they will forge cutting-edge approaches that might never have surfaced working alone. On behalf of the university, I'm deeply grateful to Gov. Pat Quinn and the General Assembly for their generous financial support of this critical investment in Illinois' future."  Full Article