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College Building Gets A New Life
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Deteriorating and outdated, the Berg Instructional Center (BIC) posed a problem for the College of DuPage in Glen Ellyn, IL. Because the sizable building housed the majority of the college’s classrooms, replacing the aging structure with a new building would cause a significant disruption.

With the help of Loebl Schlossman & Hackl, the college approved a complete renovation as well as a significant addition that would provide a single location for all of the students’ administrative needs. The renovation and expansion targeted new floor layouts, collaborative interiors, improved lighting and technological features, and upgraded mechanical systems.

The three-year project faced a significant challenge when it came to improving the facade. Originally constructed of Cor-Ten steel and single pane glass with a rubber gasket system, the exterior had deteriorated and was riddled with air and water infiltration issues.

A high performance aluminum curtainwall and phenolic rain screen exterior wall was installed directly over the original facade. Once the new wall was in place, the old glass was pulled out from the inside, allowing for uninterrupted occupancy and continuous construction work.

“The newly designed exterior wall improved the performance of the facade from an R-4.6 to an R-31.9, which will save the college $225,366 per year,” explains Peter Schlossman, senior associate principal for Loebl Schlossman & Hackl. “Adding color and design interest also creates a livelier design. It is a welcome contrast to the poorly maintained exterior of the original building.” Full Article