© 2013 Loebl Schlossmann and Hackl
The following is a prose-poem written by Dick Bennett to Pablo Picasso, urging him to design a sculpture for the city of Chicago.

In the middle of Chicago is a flat place one hundred meters by fifty meters
on its north will be the law courts building
                                   tallest of its kind
west is the city and county building
                                    with the mayor's office
                                    the representatives
                                    the tax collectors
                                    the records of births   and marriages   and deaths
south are two tall office skyscrapers
                                     one has as its pinnacle the chapel of the protestants
                                     over a way is the central basilica of the catholics
                                     further south the important city synagogue
                                     mixed about are offices   banks   the bourse   the brokers
                                     businessmen and lawyers
eastward the great shopping street
                                     high buildings for doctors and dentists
                                     theatres   garages   hotels and the great Art Institute
                                     with Miros   Toulouse Lautrec   Goya   El Greco
                                     Matisse   early and late Picassos
beyond is the harbor on a freshwater lake connected by other lakes and
                                     rivers and canals to the salt oceans and
                                     all the lands and islands
outward the city coils in rings of warehouses   mills and stores
                                     airports   factories   houses and hospitals   parks and suburbs
                                     millions of women   and children   and men
in the middle is the empty plaza where those millions   and other
                                     millions   will visit to feel the heart of this mighty
                                     city made by machines
It is a place waiting for a spirit
            the spirit in a sculpture
                          will you do it?

                                                    (Signed)    Richard M. Bennett